Jonathan Xue

I’m a designer based in Philadelphia, PA + San Jose, CA. Currently studying Design at the University of Pennsylvania.

I spent my time growing up between China and the US, which has really built the muscle for looking at things from multiple perspectives - which is a big part of my process. Hopefully some of my work reveals that.
My work has been exhibited by SpaceUs (Boston) and The Kelly Writer’s House (Philadelphia).


Alphabet Aerobics

■ Web, Photography, Print

An investigation into the idea of ‘humanist’ fonts by creating the most humanist font. Started as a zine which I made in a feverish 4am studio session.

This idea was furthered by using Google’s Teachable Machine to create a model that recognizes poses. Speech recognition was then utilized to help select and type out the letter. The body is a great tool for expression!

If you want to try it out - the web app is here (use Chrome)!

This wouldn’t have been possible without Maya Man and Austin Eng! Both of whom helped me immensely with coding the site - check them out!

Year: 2020

Web (2020)
Zine (2019)

Why Not Ask Again?
11th Shanghai Biennale

■ Creative Direction, Motion, Design, Print

What does it look like to ask infinitely? To explore technologies endless evolution? Or is there an end that we just don’t know of yet?

Created for my Graphic Design with Creative Technologies class (taught by Mark Owens): the identity and assets for the 11th Shanghai Biennale explores ideas of the endlessness and ubiquity of technology.

Year: 2020

Penn Labs Technical

■ Design

For a club application we were tasked with creating a logo and identity for a lecture series hosted by the club. I was rejected. Here was my take on the prompt.

I wanted to utilize the Penn Labs logo (a beaker made of curly brackets {}) to unify and tie the branding of the clubs various applications together. The Penn Lectures logo thus uses a curly brace at the bottom of a book - acting like a lecturn. 

Year:  2020